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Services :: Hot Stone Massage

about hot stone massage therapyAllowing something as simple as heating a rock in water to dissipate your pains.


Black basalt stones glide over the body with the help of essential oils; the warmth from the stones relaxes and soothes all the muscles and gently melts away the knots and stresses from the your body.

The heat has a sedative effect on the nervous system. The stone weight, warmth and rhythmic flow leaves you with a deep calming sensation similar to meditation.

For some people, stone therapy can bring deep tissue release and alignment in body, mind and spirit. For others, it means gently allowing the heat of the stones to soften tension and melt worries away.

Treat and pamper yourself with this wonderfully nurturing, gentle, and relaxing therapy.

Big Changes!

September 2016 - Massage Benefits and Niagara Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic have become professionally aligned with each other. Clients can benefit through physiotherapy and massage

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Why Do We Hurt?

Our bodies are complex machines. Pain has its way of telling us there is something wrong. Massage therapy can be a very effective tool in alleviating the pain we can feel in our daily lives.


Outbound Appointments

We understand that mobility can be an issue for some of our patients. That's why we offer one of the few Outbound Massage Therapy services in the Niagara Region. Because getting you mobile is our job


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