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Services :: Mobile Massage

about mobile massage therapy“Niagara's best mobile massage therapy service.


Massage benefits sporting events, fund raising, work place, private home, cottage, hospitals, and nursing homes. Clients vary from the athletic to the senior with disabilities. Everyone can receive massage benefits.

Our Commitment
At your place, you can enjoy the benefits of massage. Our service integrates seamlessly into your day making it easy for you to receive the massage benefits.

Big Changes!

September 2016 - Massage Benefits and Niagara Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic have become professionally aligned with each other. Clients can benefit through physiotherapy and massage

Niagara Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic

1517 Highway 55
Virgil, ON

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Why Do We Hurt?

Our bodies are complex machines. Pain has its way of telling us there is something wrong. Massage therapy can be a very effective tool in alleviating the pain we can feel in our daily lives.


Outbound Appointments

We understand that mobility can be an issue for some of our patients. That's why we offer one of the few Outbound Massage Therapy services in the Niagara Region. Because getting you mobile is our job


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1547 Highway 55
P.O. Box 1207
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